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top 50 facebook pages.2009A company did not qualify for this list unless its Facebook page(s) had a minimum of 200,000 fans. Within that universe, we rated the companies using a variety of criteria: how often they update their Facebook offerings; the level of engagement demonstrated by their fans; how fast a company’s site has grown; and how creatively the companies are using their Facebook presence, as evaluated by a distinguished panel of outside judges.- from TBMSource:TBMby Willis Wee • Penn Olson #50. the onion.Description: The satirical newspaper doesn’t do much besides posting its content on its page, but it still maintains a steady, engaged fan following.No. of fans: 542,169Source:TBMby Willis Wee • Penn Olson #49. calvin klein.Description: Phillips-Van Heusen’s clothing retailer, Calvin Klein regularly announces sales and posts coupons.No. of fans: 334,520Source:TBMby Willis Wee • Penn Olson #48. buffalo wild wings.Description: This restaurant chain has a fast-growing and devoted fan base.No. of fans: 942,629Source:TBMby Willis Wee • Penn Olson #47. taco bell.Description: Yum Brands’ fast food chain, Taco Bell is responsive to fans’ comments and receives strong positive feedback whenever it posts promotions.No. of fans: 673,906Source:TBMby Willis Wee • Penn Olson #46. zara.Description: Fans from all over the world express their love for this clothing retailer on its Facebook wall.No. of fans: 1,600,026Source:TBMby Willis Wee • Penn Olson #45. gatorade.Description: PepsiCo.’s Gatorade set up an app that encouraged users to vote for their favorite moment in Michael Jordan’s career. More than 8,000 votes were cast on the sports drink's page.No. of fans: 363,494Source:TBMby Willis Wee • Penn Olson #44. audi.Description: Automaker, Audi seeks out fans’ feedback. It hosted a campaign encouraging fans to discuss what its next car should look like, and the company recently posted a survey asking fans what they wanted from the page.No. of fans: 386,617Source:TBMby Willis Wee • Penn Olson #43. target.Description: Target’s page gained 97,091 new fans through its two-week “Bullseye Gives” campaign. During which, fans could vote for which charity they thought most deserved Target’s donations. (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital won the most votes.) The retailer reported that daily views of the page jumped by 4,800 percent.No. of fans: 652,345Source:TBMby Willis Wee • Penn Olson #42. harley davidson.Description: A fan photo gallery includes more than 9,000 photos of fans and their Harley-Davidson bikes.No. of fans: 345,951Source:TBMby Willis Wee • Penn Olson